Gluten free, Dairy free, Glairy free?

Many baked goods & desserts seem to be either vegan (egg and dairy free) or gluten free (using rice, almond meal etc as a substitute).  Very rarely do I find one that is both (glairy anyone?).  As a person, that has an intolerance to both gluten and dairy, I’ve been on the search for some yummy treats that have the “glairy free” magic mix.  Even eggs are a little iffy for me.

Before I get into the yummy treats, let me talk about this food intolerance thing.

There’s a difference between food intolerance and food allergy.  A food allergy usually shows up right away and can be present in the form of large breakouts (i.e. hives) and lots of inflammation (i.e. your throat closes up).  Usually it produces a huge, in your face, red flag.  A food intolerance has the same effects but on a much smaller scale and usually close to the source (i.e. your intestines).  There’s still inflammation (gas? bloating?) and irritations (itchy stomach? irregular bowel movements?).  Sometimes the symptoms are loud (and dare I say smelly) and other times it takes someone who is very in-tuned into their body to notice the difference.

As a dancer from my first twirl at age three and a yogi for the last six years, I’ve always considered myself to have great body awareness.  However, its only been less than two years that I’ve really listened to my body especially when it comes to how it reacts to food.  Cutting out dairy and gluten has really improved my energy, sleep, and digestive process.  I don’t get that “buda belly” after I eat, nor the afternoon 2-3pm lull.  If you have any of these symptoms, try taking out gluten and dairy from your diet even if its just for a week or two, see how you feel. 

Now back to the sweet stuff…My new favorite “glairy free” treat:

Hail Merry Chocolate Macaroons

I love to cook and have given several recipes for some glairy free treats but sometimes baking is not a priority.  Some added bonuses to this delicious, coconut based, goodness included no refined sugars and made with raw oils.  You can pick up a bag at your local Whole Foods.  *also comes in vanilla, mmmm

Are you also glairy free?  Found any awesome recipes or products?  Please send me a message: or comment below!!


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