Be. Do. Have.

As a broke, young, Chicagoan there are so many things I think about having: eloquent dinners at Alinea, an unlimited membership to yogaview, a beautiful home over-looking Lake Shore Drive and down town….

Instead, my world is left over chicken and carrots, in my garden apartment, with the view of other Chicagoan’s feet.

I need more money, more time, and why do I want these things?  Because I think it will give me a fun time with my friends, happiness, enjoyment in life and love for what I’m doing…

STOP!  h.o.l.d. t.h.e. p.h.o.n.e…

I DO love my life (I get to be in yoga clothes all day), I HAVE fun with my friends (at the local bar for trivia night) and I AM happy.  One day I will have those first things I listed above but not because it will make me happy.  They are just a part of my goals or bucket list.  But they do not make me who I am.

We tend to think:

if we have _____  we can do _____  then we’ll be_____.

money                      a trip to hawaii                    happy

a boyfriend             fun date activities              full of love

In truth its quite the reverse:  The way you decide to BE dictates the activities or things you DO which will bring you the things you’ve always wanted to HAVE.

And to think it all starts with the power of choice.  You don’t have to find or search for _____.  You are the creator.  Be what you want.  What are you deciding to be today?


8 thoughts on “Be. Do. Have.

    • Danielle, thanks for commenting!
      I love them too. I see that you are moving to Chicago soon. You are going to love it here! If you want any suggestions, advice or just to talk about Chicago let me know :)

      • i cannot wait for the big move! Chicago looks absolutely incredibly. and after months of thinking “Virginia” this was such a huge surprise. How long have you lived in Chicago?

        from what i hear, its a lot more spread out than New York, or Portland, or any of the cities i have been to. I’m hoping its bicycle friendly :-)

        have a great day!


      • I’ve been here just under 3 years now. I wouldn’t say Chicago is that spread out but it is very “neighborhoody” (way better than NYC in my opinion).
        And it IS very bike friendly :) I actually don’t own a car and bike EVERYWHERE.
        ps get a U-lock

  1. What a positive way to start out your new venture. Em said she thinks your plans are wonderful! As you know I am always here to support all you do!

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