Recipe for a Vision

A couple months ago, during the summer, I created this vision board (minus the red button in the center).

photo (7)

I had been reworking my goals and thinking about my values. One of my conclusions: I needed nutrition to be a bigger part of my life. But I didn’t just want to live it, I wanted to share it. I had already started writing this blog but felt something was missing. So what next? What does that thought look like in the future? I need some help, I was hungry for more.

I turned to one of my favorite recipes… My recipe for a vision board:

  • glue stick
  • large poster board
  • small scissors
  • stack of magazines
  • add a little inspirational background music with a side of your best friend and enjoy!

Some people mediate, others talk it through with their loved ones, I grab scissors… Then I cut, snip, rip, and past away my vision to my future.

Anyone can create a vision. Take a deep breath, clear your mind then do something to draw inspiration. Go for a walk, close your eyes and meditate, or flip through magazines. Just surround yourself with what inspires you. Words, quotes, ideas, pictures, feelings, tastes, smells…get specific with your vision, even if you can’t quite put the details together.

Then get those creative juices and thoughts out into the world: write things down, draw, talk about it with a loved one, or cut and paste like I do. Nothing can actually exist until you put it out into the world. The world inside your head is a very lonely place. It’s just you. You want something? Try saying it. No one ever asked you? Well I am. What is your vision? For your career? health? family? that thing you have coming up that you have to plan? for next week? month? year? 5 years?

Truly living your life happens when you share. Think about it…what are your best moments or memories? Usually when someone else is enjoying an experience with you. Things manifest when you share. Why do you think facebook is so popular? Gotta love sharing that status update.

Today my vision manifested into my first day of school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (insert red button for the finishing touch). A lot has happened since my vision board and so many more things are going to come, things that geek me out and light me up inside. All of it due to a little glue and scraps of paper. What inspires you? What is that inspired thought? And how are you sharing it with the world?


3 thoughts on “Recipe for a Vision

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  2. Love this post! I’ve just started at IIN as well and popped that red pin onto my vision board this week too! I’m in Chicago as well, hoping we can connect.

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