Happy Veterans Day

On this day many people stop to acknowledge all of the military men and women who are and have fought for the United States of America.  I invite you to stop and acknowledge ALL of the soldiers and warriors in your life.  Not just those who have fought wars for your country, but your heroes who have fought and sacrificed for you.

Big or small, there are people who have made sacrifices in their lives to better yours: friends or family making choices that come from a place of love and caring.

One of my biggest heroes is my Dad, my Poppi.

He has given and taught me the power of unconditional love.   He’s worked hard and provided so many amazing opportunities to my sister, my mom and I.  He never makes anything about him and every year when I ask him what he would like for Christmas/his  Birthday, he always says, “Nothing, I’ve got you.”  He would do anything for me to live my best life.  And he has, he’s fought and scarified to give me all the love, encouragement, and opportunities a girl needs to fully LIVE her best life.  He’d even taken on anxiety for me.  I was never nervous before a dance recital, presentation or show because he had enough anxiety for the both of us.  A little reverse psychology if you will, made me want to be proud to show him I could do it.  He is the solider of my family and warrior of my life, my hero.

Today I am grateful for you Poppi and all of the sacrifices you’ve made to make my life and our family the best possible.

How are you choosing to be a warrior for others and who is your hero?


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