Breakfast of Champions

For me breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.  It’s nutrients and energy will take you through out your day, so why not start off on the right foot food?

When I did my elimination diet, I struggled to find what I should eat for breakfast.  I wasn’t eating any grains (byebye toast with peanut butter) and you can only have eggs so many times (plus, half way through due to other digestive issues, it was recommended I also take those out).  So what the heck do you have for breakfast?  Meat and veggies? Sounds like dinner…

I came up with this – My Breakfast of Champions

photo by Katarina Arneric

photo by Katarina Arneric

Spinach, grass-fed ground beef, and portabello mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil.  The coconut oil is a nice touch for that sweeter breakfast taste.  This breakfast mix is packed full of protein, iron, and vitamin A, B, & C.  It’s also great without the ground beef if you are limiting your red meat intake or a vegetarian.

I’ve since been on a rotation diet and am eating many different things for breakfast: omelets, gluten-free oats, quinoa, turkey bacon, fruit, different juices.  I found my body needs a variety of food options.  Do you always have a bowl of cereal for breakfast?  Yogurt with fruit?  Do you get in that mindless morning routine…alarm, snooze, get up, go pee, wash face, get dressed, open fridge,  grab the same breakfast, shove your face, brush teeth, head to work….sound familiar?

Switch it up every once and a while.  Use quinoa instead of oatmeal, try turkey bacon instead of regular bacon, nuts and fruit instead of toast and jam.

Other recipes:

Quinoa, Spinach and Ricotta Pie. via  Chia Mia

Daily Recipe: Raw Buckwheat Breakfast Porridge. via  in.gredients

So what are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

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