New Year’s Resolution: Goals vs. Intentions

I will floss every night….start blogging…..try new recipes….call my family more….start my own business….go on a yoga retreat….these are many “New Year’s Resolutions” I’ve heard from others.
What is a New Year’s Resolution any way?  Things you want to resolved, new ideas, things to change.  New Year’s Resolutions come in many forms, but there are two main categories:
  • are future oriented 
  • are specific and measurable
  • have ends
  • help you to be an effective person
  • something to move towards
  • are present oriented
  • similar to a “theme” or common tread
  • are a path or practice
  • provide integrity and unity
  • something to move with
I’m not exactly sure where I got this quote but I came across it today in my journal and thought it was perfect.
“Goals never fulfill you in an ongoing way; they either beget another goal or else collapse. They provide excitement—the ups and downs of life—but intention is what provides you with self-respect and peace of mind. “
So which of your New Years Resolutions are goals and which are intentions?  OR are they not powerful enough to be either and need to be reworked?  What are your goals for the New Year? What are your intentions for the New Year?  Please share below!

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