step by step…

“From a yogi’s perspective: if I can change my body one breath at a time, then I can change the world one day, one person, one quote, one recipe at a time…and so can you!”

(in honor of earth day) my thought of the day: create change one breath at a time

Every step counts…. every recycled bottle…. every thought…. every breath.

I take a deep breath as I write this….  It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and I came across my Earth Day post last year that I had originally wrote on my tumbler account.  The theme you ask?  The exact thought above.

It reminded me why I originally started writing.  I wanted to share what I was experiencing on my journey through my self discovery to live a healthier lifestyle both in body and in mind.  I hoped that just one quote, recipe or thought would change a persons day for the better like it did mine.  Yes each step counts, but the most important thing is to actually take that step.

You can think about building a house all day and get the blueprints ready and hire your contractors.  But the true construction begins when the first brick is laid.  Brick by brick, step by step, you just have to keep it up and eventually your house is built.  Sometimes there are bad storms with lightning and things get put on hold.  Sometimes it’s just a little rain and you can keep going.  The weather will change, your environment will change.  But your house will never be built unless you continue to come even after a thunderstorm rolls through.

Then the day comes and the roof is on and you get the keys to your new home and it’s finally complete right?  Well then you paint, then move the furniture in, then decorate, then cook dinner in your new kitchen, then invite people over, and next thing you know it never seems completed because you have to vacuum the carpet and retouch up the walls but you know what… are living your life and each day is a step.  Each step takes you closer to something and it’s not about the finish line because there will always be something beyond that.  Sometimes it’s another finish line, sometimes it’s your friends and family waiting to have a beer with you.  We get so focused on “is it done yet,” “I can’t wait till this is finished,” “I’ll get to live my life as soon as this is complete.”  Well guess what people, YOUR LIVING YOUR LIFE NOW!  It’s not about what you are stepping towards but it’s about the actual step you take.  So my friend, I keep marching on…


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