“Are you ready?”

Has someone ever asked you “Are you ready?” and the clear answer that comes up is “NO” but you know, deep down, YES is just itching to get out…. you just aren’t ready yet…

That’s how I felt when I gave my two weeks’ notice, earlier this week, at a job that was steady, fun, I loved my co-workers and was for a company I believed in. So why the $#!@ am I leaving then? Because in the words of Little Mix “These wings are made to fly.”

I have gotten so much support from my co-workers and learned so much about what it means to live in choice, be a leader, set goals, share, and be my true self. This company and the people have built me up to who I am now and are the reason I can spread my wings and fly.

I believe in myself, know how to listen to my heart and soul, and have big ideas! I am also scared shi(r)tless to go out on my own, be in business for myself, and not always see familiar faces. But there is never a good time for fear. Let the feelings come up, give them acknowledgment, and then go about living a Big Hairy Audacious Life.

So what is holding you back? Can you trust your heart enough to think with your mind “I’m not ready” but take action with your body and do it anyways?

Am I ready? No, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still going for it.


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