Which voice is speaking?

Remember getting scolded as a kid? The adult usually asks “what were you thinking?” Maybe you’ve recently scolded a kid and said the same thing.

The thing is, they weren’t thinking. They were feeling. They were using their feeling self. 

We have both a thinking self, and feeling self. Most people use more of their feeling self when they are younger. As they grow older, the thinking self tends to take the driver seat.

I recently read a quote on my yogi tea tag that said “your intuition lies within your innocence.”

As an entrepreneur, I am lucky that I tend to give voice to and use both. In fact, I can switch from one to the other every quickly. I also can get stuck listening to one much more than the other. Lately, I’ve been using my thinking self:

“No you can’t do that what are people going to think…That’s stupid, no one cares…You haven’t gotten all the information… we need more knowledge, you’re not smart enough yet…That’s not a smart decision, think about the future…You’re going to get hurt, don’t listen to the feeling self…”

Frankly my thinking self has been stressing me out. So many thoughts bouncing around in my head. I realized my feeling voice wanted to be heard. Yes, my thinking self helps keep me safe but my life never truly flourishes for me when I listen to mostly that.

These thoughts were stressing me out and not working for me. Instead of stressing the “what if’s” and exhausting myself in thinking about all possible scenarios (mostly the worst possible ones) I am choosing to make a #smallchangeBIGshift and stress my feeling self.

I will focus on and use all of that energy to tap into my inner child and move and create my life from my intuition. At least this week anyways…

* for more information on smallchangeBIGshift and it’s three step process go to smallchangeBIGshift.me


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