The One Holiday Commitment You Should Keep

If you’re like me, you committed to 1,983,656,892 things this holiday season and your health was definately not on the top of the list (what?! how can a health coach not have health at the top of their list?!).

I knew I needed to slow down but there just wasn’t time! Have you ever felt like you are spinning out of control and can’t stop until some outside force grabs you? My body is always that for me. I wasn’t slowing down so my body decided to take over (it’s so smart).

‘You arn’t going to slow down?’ My body says, ‘Fine watch this.’ And the next thing I knew was bed ridden with a 101 degree fever.

I got the flu.

Of course as I’m trying to get subs for my yoga classes and let people know I can’t attend the parties as planned, I hear…

“Yuck, yeah Katie was out three days last week with the same thing.”
“Oh honey, my mom had that and couldn’t kick it for a week.”
“My husband got the flu two weeks ago and still hasn’t fully recovered, get better soon.”

Well SHIT! I was not about to be out or down for the count OR looking foward to struggling with my body for the next two weeks. So instead of pushing through it, I canceled everything I had for the next day and a half and literally just layed in bed.

I gave up. Or at least that’s what it felt like.

My good girlfriend, Rebecca (who is a life coach), and I always say we are recovering perfectionists and overachievers. Many times we feel like we have to push through it for things to work out. She ambitiously put together and promoted an awesome Webinar in less than a week and I had plans to work hard on my new 7- Day Meal Plan.

I also had to hang out with my SUP yogi Sarah before she moved to Boston AND see my Bestie from 8th grade while she was in town from NYC AND plan an evening with my boyfriend who is moving to Arizona AND sign another client AND make my christmas gifts AND wrap everything up AND pack for florida AND tell my mom what to get from the grocery AND create this new product for my business all on top of teaching my regular classes and clients. (oh was that a run on sentence?….)

Yeah no wonder I got sick. The good news is, it only lasted 36hrs. However, I don’t leave that to good luck. I listed to my body, rested and goodness gracious didn’t get it all done! (GASP)

If you get a flat tire would you continue to drive down the highway at a much slower speed because you just had to get to your destination and there was no time to stop? Or would you stop, take care of your car by changing the tire, and then be able to move at top speed?

When I recovered from the flu there seemed like even more to do since I was down for the count for 36 hours. So instead of committing to 1,983,656,892 and more, I committed to one thing…

Not doing it all.

Say it with me now, “I committ to NOT doing it all.” (sigh)

you don't have to do it all, stress, commitment holiday season

Now how does that feel? Trust the universe will support you with the things that are the most imporant and the right things will fall into place.

Oh I forgot to mention this blog post, yeah it was suppose to be up a week ago (oops). But I trust in divine timing; that you are suppose to read this exactly right now and not a week or more ago.

Happy Committing!


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