Did you hit the bullseye?

Last Wednesday I crushed it. You know that saying “nailed it.” Well apparently the new one is “crushed it.” Or as my boyfriend likes to say “Hope you’re crushin’ it today!” Brad Paisley even has a song about it.

Yeah well, I crushed it alright. Dropped my phone and crushed my screen, ran into the back of another vehicle and crushed my car, crushed my tire pressure meter trying to fill up my tires with air, crushed my winter jacket zipper by simply trying to unzip my jacket at the end of one big shitty day.

“Yeah, I want to crush it today.” I said to myself after reading his morning text with a big smile on my face and feeling of accomplishment and success lingering just up ahead.

Oh I crushed it… and I wanted to crush it… but not in that horrible way it actually happened. Ok universe I get it, I wasn’t clear on what exactly I wanted. It’s like going into a Starbucks and saying “I want some coffee.” Really? Because they only serve it about 1,783 different ways. article-starbucks-4

What do you want? Latte? Skim or Soy? Mocha? What size? Tall? Venti? Dark Roast? Italian Roast? Honey? Sugar? Raw Sugar? Black?

They’ll serve you but you’ve got to be specific.

This is what makes the difference in goal setting, manifesting, praying and the like. You aren’t going to get what you want unless you are specific and clear about what that is. This is the biggest mistake to make when you are stressed. More often than not, when you are stressed you are focusing on a lack or limit. That focus is on what you don’t want instead of what you DO want.

If you focus or put your energy towards what you don’t want that’s like telling someone. “Don’t eat candy, don’t eat candy, don’t eat candy.” Now what are you thinking about? CANDY!! If you aim your energy there, more than likely you’re going to hit the bullseye.

If you want something, focus on what you actually want, AND BE CLEAR. This works wonders when you find yourself stressing out and exactly what I did last Wednesday after my horribly crushing day. If you want a better understanding on how this stress tool works watch this smallchangeBIGshift video.


This week my focus was feeling Clear, Confident and Balanced. I even wrote it in an arch on my mirror above my reflection on Monday morning. Well the universe delivered because things just felt like they fell into place this week. Included in that were several complimentary 25 minute Massage/Therapy sessions with my new favorite space Delos Wellness. A completely new jacket free of charge for turning in my old one that got an unnecessary rip in it. Savings of just under $400 on a dentist visit because I know some of the best dentists out there. All those make up for the money I spent on my phone and car. It will all balance out but I wouldn’t have realized that if I stayed focused only on how much money I had to spend on things I wasn’t planning for (like a broken screen and cracked bumper).

As John Lennon said, “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”

What are you focusing on lately and how’s that working out for you?


2 thoughts on “Did you hit the bullseye?

  1. I’m sorry Kat. Did you feel better after writing this post? I bet you’ll get a lot of your followers responding and commiserating w/you. You should breathe deeply, feel their love, and take strength from it. Now I sound like a yogi. J


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