Hurry up and wait.

I was walking briskly down the street.

I missed the first bus, according to the bus tracker on my phone. I left in plenty of time for the second one. Google said 8 minute walk and bus tracker said 10 minutes before arrival. No problem. With the way I walk, I’ll be there with 3 minutes to spare!

I come up on the last block and round the corner, just in time to see the bus zoom by.


How could the bus be so early? Sigh. I walked an additional 18 minutes in the 9 degree weather (feels like -3) to teach my class. Good thing I left extra early.

This was lesson #3 of patience this week. Have you ever wanted instant gratification? (Who am I kidding, who doesn’t want instant gratification?!) When we live in a world with Google at our fingertips, it’s hard to remember not everything in life is a quick “Siri” question away.

As a go-getter and maximizer, I used to hate walking to go places. I would have rather biked, run, or taken a ride. It would have gotten me there faster. Wouldn’t you like to get to your goal faster too?

Last night, I was talking with a woman at my event, Energy for Success, and she was mentioning how it feels like such a long journey to where she wants to be. All she could focus on was how much space there was between her and her goal. There is always another goal to shoot for, another finish line to cross, some sort of improvement to make.

My question to you is, how does it feel to focus and stress all that you haven’t done, and is that feeling what you actually want?

Try this on. Instead of focusing so much on the space between you and the goal, shift to thinking about how you want to feel. Focus on that. Stress that (#smallchangeBIGshift). You’d be amazed on how making a small mindset change can shift your life. Then, pay attention to the small upgrades you make along the way, because you decided to feel a certain way. (For more on this read Be. Do. Have.)

Know that it’s all a journey.

My theme this week in my yoga classes was Slow Down. When we consciously slow our breath down, the unconscious part of our bodies slows down and the massive chaos inside our mind slows down too. Then something really cool happens. Everything that’s happening seems to be super intentional.

Think about walking slow. There’s a sense of careful articulation and purpose of each step.

Slowing down doesn’t make things less powerful. In fact, it almost makes that thing more powerful because now intention is burning on the forefront. Think of trying to lift a 40 lb dumbbell slowly. Not. Easy. Or wimpy!

Some amazing things that happened this week because I slowed down and was patient included running into an old student and having a heart to heart conversation, finding cheap sold out tickets to the Andrew Belle concert I wanted to go to for months, convincing a catering company to deliver outside their delivery zone and feeling like I’m intentionally living my life instead of just going through the motions.

What possibilities could open up for you and how could your life shift, if you made the small change to slow down and be patient?

More than likely, you’ve tried the quick fixes before when it comes to your health, and realized they never end up lasting or satisfying you. Are you ready for a lasting change into a healthier body and mindset? Then email me


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