About the blog-

“Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself.” For the longest time this has been my mantra. Every day I choose to create and live my best life. My journey is not full without sharing these experiences with others. This is why I’ve chosen to create this blog. It is a tool to also give you access to your best life through nutrition facts, recipes, thoughts of the day, inspiring quotes and photos.

Circumstance directs choice and choice leads to creation. The problem is how and what do we choose and what gets in the way of making that choice? Welcome to the creation journey.  I hope you enjoy all that I share in my own.

About Me, Katarina, the creator of this blog-

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The first argument with my guts erupted after my mom started me on formula.  My body rejected cow’s milk AND soy milk.  My poor mother didn’t know what to do. Naturally a positive and energetic child, I “dealt” with it.  I didn’t want to be different.

As a dancer from my first twirl at age three and a yogi for the last seven years, I’ve always considered myself to have great body awareness.  However, I didn’t have the right kind of awareness nor was I choosing to listen.  Your body has a story too, are you listening?

My personal voyage with food experimentation started after college when a friend suggested I try the Paleo diet for some of my ailments.  One diet theory led to another and I began sharing my trials, successes, and kitchen science experiments through this blog.  My journey eventually led me to Health Coaching and studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  There, I continued to experiment and study over one hundred different dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods.  I believe that each person is unique and deserves a unique approach to food. For the most part, I believed I was a “healthy eater” but realized there were just foods that didn’t work well for MY body. For example, apples. Curious? Send me a message here.

When not typing away, or being a mad scientist in my kitchen, I am coaching one on one with people to help them figure out what foods are right for their body, teaching yoga around the city of Chicago, SUPing or snapping photos. Stay connected and follow me:

twitter: @createwithkla

instagram: @createwithkla

FB: CreateWithKLA


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